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Personalized Nutrition, Lifestyle Support & Guidance

Fruits and Vegetables

Food is Medicine



  • How to improve & optimize your health

  • How to heal your body

  • How to boost your physical performance & mental capabilities

  • Stressors & how to reduce them

  • The root causes of your health problems

Test tube and magnifying glass. Utilization of labs
Pyramid representing a person climbing steps to reach the top and colors represent food choices


  • Utilize conventional labs and functional laboratory testing

  • Identify triggers

  • Implement your dietary changes

  • Initiate your lifestyle changes

Personalized plan

Personalized Plan

  • Together we will create a personalized action plan to meet the needs of your body and lifestyle.

  • Action plan adjusted as you change.

  • Continual support & guidance

Renee's incredible meal plan amazed me. She cleverly created a strategy that seamlessly incorporates familiar ingredients into my cooking routine, but with an intriguing twist. The portions are carefully planned and meticulously designed to promote health and perfectly fit my long-term wellness goals. It didn't take me long to realize the depth of her expertise and its significant impact on nurturing a healthy lifestyle. When paired with regular exercise, this harmonious blend becomes a winning formula for individuals of all culinary skill levels. I've gained valuable insights into effective grocery shopping and cooking techniques, leading to a complete transformation of my eating habits.      

~Jason P.

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