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Resources: Functional Testing

What is functional testing?

Routine lab tests via a blood draw and/or urine sample are typically done when you go for a wellness visit with your primary care physician and/or during times of illness to help determine the specific problems associated with your symptoms. 


In addition to routine labs, functional labs can provide additional important information about imbalances in your body and may include hormone testing, gut function analysis, nutrient testing, food sensitivity and/or allergy testing, and others depending on the individual. Not everyone needs testing. I will discuss it individually and explain the need for particular testing. 

As a Functional Nutritionist, I will take into account not only what your labs are telling me, but your story, your specific needs and goals, diagnoses made by your primary care physician and/or specialists, your medications and supplements, and lifestyle factors (exercise, stress, diet, work, family life, etc.). 

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