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About  Renee

About Renée

My Story

I understand the value of functional medicine, personalized nutrition, and lifestyle to maintain balance in the body

I always thought of myself as generally healthy - I ate unprocessed, fresh foods most of the time and exercised regularly. However, early mornings, late nights, work and family obligations and a change in eating habits gradually caused a decline in how I was feeling both physically and mentally. My doctors insisted I was fine, so I continued to push through. Several years went by; I focused on my physical health, pushing my body hard. Eventually, I was tired, grumpy, and had various physical symptoms that could not be explained. I was referred to an oncologist where a battery of blood tests revealed Sjogren's, an autoimmune condition. This finding explained the constant dry mouth and eyes but not all of my symptoms. I refused to go on immunosuppressant drugs and dug into research to find out more.


​It was in the Functional Medicine space that I finally understood what was happening while working with a functionally trained doctor. He spent almost 3 hours with me during our initial appointment; listening, questioning, explaining, and drawing diagrams. His assessments, insight, and use of functional testing provided the information needed to address my systemic imbalances. Together, we set goals to work on various body systems in phases which included dietary strategies, botanical and nutritional supplements, exercise and movement suited to my body's needs at the time, and self-care recommendations. A truly integrative approach.

​Was it easy? No! But I felt supported by my doctor and my family, and I started feeling better. Like anything in life, I had to make a commitment. At times there were setbacks but sticking to the plan and modifying it along the way got me to where I am today...moving forward, adjusting as needed, and listening to my body. ​

While undergoing care and seeing and feeling myself change through dietary and lifestyle changes, I decided to alter my career path from public school teaching to pursue a Master of Science in Human Nutrition. It was the right time in my life to make a big change; it was scary! But I've had the best time learning and meeting like-minded people while improving my health. 


​Being my best self is fueling my body with the food and nutrients it needs to thrive, reducing and dealing with stress, spending time each day by myself, noticing the simple pleasures, getting in movement/exercise, and quality time with the ones I love. My best self loves to learn, stay connected with and meet new people that challenge me and bring positivity into my life. An added bonus is being able to use my background in teaching to educate and help others on their wellness journeys. ​


Let me support you on your health and wellness journey.



Autoimmune Disorders

General Nutrition & Overall Health

Gut/Digestion Dysbiosis

Chronic Lifestyle Diseases

  • Blood sugar dysregulation

  • Diabetes (Type 2)

  • Dyslipidemia

  • GERD/heartburn

  • Heart disease

  • Hypertension

  • Metabolic syndrome




Skin Problems

Sleep Issues


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Education & Credentials

Penn State University BS Elementary & Kindergarten Education.  My long career in education included director of a private science and technology center, science and technology curriculum developer and teacher trainer, middle school math and science teacher.  

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Instead of continuing with a MS in Education, I decided to pursue my passion in nutrition and understand the intricacies of how functional medicine provided me with the opportunity for change and healing. The University of Bridgeport has one of most established MS Human Nutrition programs in the United States with its focus on human bio-individuality, physiology, and biochemistry providing an evidence-based scientific approach to clinical nutrition. Click here for my diploma. 

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The Dr. Kara Fitzgerald Functional Medicine Clinic Immersion Program provided a year-long nutrition residency (over 1,000 hours) where I worked alongside the doctors and clinic nutritionists on clinic patient cases to build strong clinical skills, experience, and a broad knowledge base. The supervised hours qualified me to apply to the Board for Certification of Nutrition Specialists (BCNS) to sit for the exam and CNS certification. 

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The CNS is an "accredited certification that distinguishes advanced nutrition professionals, enabling them to practice medical nutrition therapy and other aspects of nutrition care in many states." CNS professionals have a Masters or Doctoral degree in nutrition plus 1,000 clinical hours and passage of the CNS 200-question board exam. More info about CNS here. Click here for my certification documentation.

ANA Membership Badge.jpg

Licensed Dietary Nutritionist (LDN) in Massachusetts. Human Dietetics/Nutrition is the science concerned with the relationship between foods and human health. The Board of Registration of Dietitians/Nutritionists grants licenses to qualified individuals who comply with the requirements of the statute and monitors licensees to ensure that the services provided are in accordance with the MGL and Board rules and regulations. Click here for my LDN certificate.


Certificate of Training in Gluten-Related Disorders
from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Received February 2023.

Through webinars, workshops, and podcasts from the Institute for Functional Medicine, the American Nutrition Association, experts in the field, and reading research I stay on top of the latest evidence-based nutrition and wellness information. 

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Book a complimentary 15-minute Nu Meet Up to learn more.

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