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A change of seasons is the perfect time to rethink old eating habits, make healthy food swaps and get a fresh start—in spring or any time of year.


Spring is the time for lightening and clearing away the heaviness of winter. The body’s needs change from heartier, richer, warming foods to lighter, simple, easier digested ones. Nature provides us with natural cleansers with the new growth of bitter greens, herbs, and vegetables such as asparagus, arugula, spinach, dandelion, sprouts, as well as berries.


The paleo meal plan recipes include fish/seafood, poultry, beef, fruits, and lots of spring vegetables. It includes a colorful picture-based chart/overview of the week with breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks for 7 days plus recipes and a grocery list. Meals are nutrient-dense, delicious, simple and each recipe includes variations and tips/tricks. Breakfasts are under 15 minutes, some lunches utilize leftovers from dinner, and most dinners are under 30 minutes to prepare.


You will receive a downloadable colorful pdf file as well as a link (provided in the pdf) to access the meal plan, recipes, and grocery list from your electronic device(s).


Spring 2024 Paleo 7-day Meal Plan

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